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Each week at the Amazing Race Analysis blog, we have a crew of TAR viewers attempt to predict the finish order.  One point is awarded for the correct placement, with a bonus point for top and bottom finishers correctly placed.  There’s also a “close counts” element – a ¼ point is awarded for getting a team in the top, middle, or bottom tier of the finish order.   Let’s see how the crew did in week 10!

Episode 10 Scores

The Thoughtful One continued her dominance, and had another great week.  She predicted Katie and Max’s first place finish – and was the only one to do so.  She also got Anthony and Bates correctly placed in 2nd, and Caroline and Jen in 3rd.   She just missed the “sweep” by having Mona and Beth in 5th, rather than Joey and Meghan.  Chet had the second best results – He did place Joey and Meghan in 5th, and also got Mona and Beth in 4th.  So The Thoughtful One got the top of the order correct, and Chet got the bottom of the order.  The only other full points scored were by The Pro and I, The Analyzer.  We both spotted Caroline and Jen to have their third consecutive 3rd place finish.

Here’s the “close counts” view:

Episode 10 Zone

You can see that The Thoughtful One and The Pro got it right, while I, The Analyzer, mistakenly believed the previews that showed Mona and Beth and Joey and Meghan gloating about getting a big lead via travel booking.  In this view, Mona and Beth were the most predictable team.

As we go into the finale, The Thoughtful One has built up a substantial lead, based on consistently superior predictive ability.  Meanwhile, Random has, randomly of course, suddenly started doing well.

Episode 10 running total

Good luck to the crew in the finale!

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