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The Amazing Race Analysis blog is about having fun attempting to predict and looking at the outcomes of The Amazing Race.   Each week, friends of The Amazing Race Analysis blog attempt to predict the finish order of this week’s episode.  Think it’s easy?  It’s not.  We also have a random number generator make predictions, too, and beating random is hard!

As part of the fun, we look deeply into the profiles of the team, their personalities and past results of similar teams.  It’s a great way to get deeply involved with one of the best shows on TV.   Follow along and join the fun.

Here are the rules:

  1. This is a spoiler-free zone.  Do not attempt to provide any knowledge about the happenings of The Amazing Race beyond what is aired during episodes of The Amazing Race or provided on the official CBS website.
  2. Each week, friends of The Amazing Race Analysis provide their picks of the finish order.
  3. Full Points: 1 point is earned for predicting the exact placement of a team.  2 points are awarded for a correct first place or “Philimination” (or, if a non-elimination leg, the last team to check in).
  4. Partial points:  Coming close gets you points, too!  .25 points goes to any prediction that is correctly placed in the top third, middle third, or bottom third of the order.  So if you think you can get it partially right, then these points are for you.

That’s it!  Keep reading to see how the team of predictors do, and try your own hand at beating Random!

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